Cleansing the skin should be seen as a very important phase of skincare and it is even more important that you use the correct cleanser for your skin.


You need to use a cleanser that will not only cleanse the skin, but it must be non- comedogenic, the term used for “it does not cause blackheads and breakouts” . Cleansing balms like the Radiance Balm Cleanser, can be the perfect combination of ingredients, that can prepare your skin for optimum penetration of other active ingredients found in our serums or moisturisers.


The incorrect cleanser can strip your acid mantle, a very important protective layer found on your skin. Along with the microbiome, it's part of the delicate matrix that creates a healthy skin barrier. This layer is often destroyed by cleansers and soaps when there is an increase in the pH of the skin. The repair time is often up to a few hours, leaving your skin vulnerable to bacteria and environmental damage.  This “return rate” can be greatly influenced not only by the pH of a product but also the type of cleansing ingredients used.

Signs of a damaged acid mantle may include: a sensitive, tight feeling, red or inflamed skin, a stinging sensation after applying products, a dry or squeaky feeling, with rough dry patches and flaky skin.

By using a balm cleanser with the right combination and concentration of ingredients, you preserve the acid mantle, whilst removing make up, debris and dead skin cells.

Hygiene is important during your cleanse. Make sure that you use a spatula to remove your product or even better is to use a balm cleanser that is available in a pump dispenser, allowing you just enough product. The residue of makeup, debris and dead skin cells can easily be removed with a muslin cloth or face cloth that can be washed and kept free of bacteria.