Cult51's story began in the best possible way – over a few glasses of wine with friends. During a lively dinner conversation, the topic of skincare came up, and it quickly became clear that we all shared the same frustration: the beauty industry was full of flashy promises, but the products rarely delivered real results. We were tired of the hype and disillusioned with the big corporations dominating the market.

As we chatted, it struck me that almost everyone felt the same way. Determined to make a change, we did some unofficial market research among our friends and family. With Richard's expertise in formulation, we set out to create a product that would truly work. We started with just one product – the Night Cream – focusing on high levels of key active ingredients to ensure it delivered the results people were craving.

Creating the perfect Night Cream wasn't easy. It took two years of careful development, much like perfecting a recipe. But in 2013, Cult51 Night Cream was finally launched.

Breaking into the beauty industry as a new brand was no small feat. It was challenging and expensive to get Cult51 onto shelves, into the hands of editors, and to build trust with consumers who had never heard of us before. We knew trust was crucial, so we decided to back up our claims with solid evidence. We invested in an independent clinical trial, which proved beyond doubt that Cult51 delivers on its promises.

The results were phenomenal. Danny McCamile, the lead clinician on the trial, remarked, "I've never seen a product perform so highly across all the measurements." We couldn't have been prouder.

At Cult51, we pride ourselves on creating genuinely unique products that make a real difference to your skin. We've grown organically, always keeping our customers' needs at the heart of what we do. Every product we develop is inspired by genuine requests from our customers, buyers, consumers, and, of course, our friends and family.

We invite you to experience the difference with Cult51 – where real results meet real skincare.

Best regards, 

Michelle & Richard