In 2021, we brought in a group of women who had never used our products before, to discover what Cult51 could do for them. 

Over a course of 30 days, they each kept to a specific skincare routine that was personally recommended to them by our founder, Richard Mears.
After 30 days, they came back, and the results were astounding.

Day 1

On the first day, we took everyone's before photos, to be able to compare them to their final results. 

They were all then given the opportunity to sit down with Richard Mears, where he advised them on the best skincare routine to address their concerns and gave expert tips on how to get the most benefit from using our products.

They also got to try the Cult51 range for the first time. 

In their interview with Hayley Sparkes, everyone said that they
loved the texture of the products that their skin felt instantly more hydrated. 

"I have seen such a difference [with Cult51 products] that I haven't seen when I've used other products."

- Kirsty.

DAY 30

After 30 days, they were invited back to share their experience with using Cult51.



Focus: Fine Lines / Wrinkles and Loss of Elasticity around the Jawline.

Richard recommended that Hilary use our Night Cream, Neck & Décolletage
Firming Cream and Eye Repair.

"I've noticed much softer skin, much smoother skin and starting to notice a slight reduction in dark spots."

As you can see from the photos, Hilary's skin tone is significantly more even and brighter,
and her freckles are much fainter after 30 days. Hilary's facial lines, particularly the ones on
her upper lip and around the eyes, are shallower and therefore less visible. 
Lastly, the most dramatic improvement is Hilary's under-eye area. The skin is firmer and less
puffy and the discolouration has been greatly reduced. 


Focus: Fine Lines / Wrinkles and Uneven Skin Tone

Richard Mears recommended that Anna use our Night Cream, Day Cream and Eye Repair. 

"Over the years I've used many products but I feel Cult51 products make my skin feel younger, smoother and plumper."

After 30 days, the lines around Anna's eyes and lips are significantly thinner and more shallow. Anna's skin tone is brighter and more radiant, and the colour intensity of her freckles have reduced dramatically.


Focus: Hyperpigmentation, Acne Scars, Acne Prone Skin & Fine Lines.

Richard Mears recommended Ceri use our Day Cream, Immediate Effect Serum and our Eye Repair. 

"I have definitely noticed that my skin is more glowy, it's a little bit more plumped as well, some fine lines have reduced and it seems to be, on my chest, that I've got more of an even skin tone."

After using Cult51 for just 30 days, you can already see an incredible improvement in Cer's skin tone and texture, especially around her chin and nose. 

In the after photo, you can also see that her complexion is more radiant and that she has fewer breakouts, which are both signs that her skin is healthier. The fine lines around Ceri's eyes have significantly reduced in-depth, and some have even disappeared. 


Focus: Hyperpigmentation, Fine Lines / Wrinkles & Large Pores. 

Richard Mears recommended that Beverley use our Night Cream, Day Cream and Neck & Décolletage Firming Cream. 

"It's nice to use a cream and feel some kind of difference, or notice some kind of difference".

The most significant difference in Beverley's skin is the reduction in redness and her evened complexion. The deeper lines around Beverley's eyes are much fainter after using Cult51, and the skin under her eyes is firmer and less puffy. 

If you compare the pores on Beverley's upper lip in both photos, you can see that in the after picture they appear much smaller and fainter than before.

"My friends have asked me what I've done differently with my skin recently".

- Dee.