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Skincare is about looking and feeling good. Not just the why, but the what and the how. As our biggest organ, our skin protects us, it works really hard 24/7 and as such it needs to be looked after to ensure it is able to work to its optimal levels. 

At CULT51 we pride ourselves on our ingredients, thoroughly researched and woven into the formulations at the highest possible concentrate to allow us to make bold claims – which we can back up independently. We promise that we can not only change the appearance of your skin, but we can also help your body to generate new cells; physiologically changing it.

However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind; and there is only so much skincare can do. 



Expectations - Whilst there are some truly amazing ingredients available, topically applying anything to your skin, whilst it can certainly physiologically change your skin, it will and can only go so far. Injectables and/or surgery can turn back decades in an instant.

If you are someone who has spent a lot of money on the latest lotions and potions in the past, especially those that promised top change your life, but sadly didn't live up to the hype; you are probably of a negative mindset towards skincare. There are a lot of big claims on bottles and boxes, which in reality don't mean a great deal; unless you know the difference between claims and copy claims.* 

But please don't lose heart. Not all skincare is created equal and the industry has come along way. There are some great products on the market that will work given the chance.

Consistency is key – As I mentioned above, unless you opt for injectables or a more intrusive treatment, your skin will not dramatically change overnight. A bit like weight loss or building muscle in the gym; it takes time, consistency and commitment to see results. You need to maintain your skin on a daily basis, but don’t overdo it. Too many products will make your skin congested and can lead to breakouts thus stressed red skin. 

However, a considered, routine which you continue to follow twice daily, using clinically tested and proven products can work wonders. If I used our Immediate Effects Serum as an example, once absorbed it will plump your skin from within, penetrating the layers and instantly plumping the top layer with hydration, therefore your lines and wrinkles immediately appear reduced. But, when the hydrating effects in the upper layers wear off, so will the visible effects. Thus, you need to reapply consistently to allow the serum to penetrate the deeper layers of the dermis and hydrate. Giving you both Immediate Effects and long term hydrating benefits. 


Read the claims. 

I recommend looking for products that state that they have been ‘Independently clinically tested’. Not dermatologically tested, or been through consumer trials; but Independently clinically tested. Independent clinical trials are incredibly expensive, therefore unless a brand knows it will perform highly, it will not invest. Independent trials are carried out by an independent research company, can be tested against placebo (meaning half the trialists get a fake product), double-blind (meaning even the scientists don’t know which product is which), randomised meaning selected participants across a variety of ethnicities, ages and backgrounds and the results measured using scientific equipment to accurately determine the results. Therefore these claims are backed-up and proven.


CULT51 is independently clinically tested, the results can be found here


My next series of blogs will cover what skincare regimes I recommend, claims on packs and what they mean, which products to invest in to get the most from your regime and how to read the ingredients list.