Rejuvenating Day Cream Jar and Illumintating Day Cream jar for skin protection


It is widely accepted that you need daily UV protection, or at the least a moisturiser with sun protection in it. But did you know that your skin needs UV protection when the sun is not out and even when you are inside? This is because you need UV protection against daylight & blue light, not just sunshine. Up to 90% of what we think of as signs of ageing – wrinkles, age spots, texture all come from UV exposure or UV light exposure. UV radiation is categorised two ways, UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays are long waves that cause tanning and sun burn to the outer layers of the skin. UVB are medium waves that cause longer-term effects such as sunburn, blisters and types of cancer. The UVA rays reach deeper into the dermis causing your cells to produce ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). ROS are a primary factor for skin damage. ROS causes damage to the cell DNA proteins and lipids thus breaking down collagen and elastin.

UV rays pass through thick cloud cover and even windows (think…car, house, office) and it is this slow but regular exposure that gradually adds up over time, and causes melanin (age spots), broken down collagen and elastin and damaged skin barrier (wrinkles). This slow damage over time, also causes cancer. When you are exposed to excessive levels of sun, such as on holiday, your body has a build-up of peroxidisation, which causes a release of ROS. ROS overwhelms the antioxidant pool (including your reserves) and once your antioxidants are depleted you will suffer cellular apoptosis, which is cell destruction and mutation.

What can you do about it?

Well, obviously use sun protection every day at least 20 minutes before exposure and when on holiday and/ or in a warmer climate where you are out in the sun for longer periods, apply throughout the day. But this is not all you can do. Topically applied and ingested antioxidants reduce ROS or the oxidation of cellular molecules.

CULT51 Night Cream is rich in antioxidants and therefore, richly applying Night Cream for fourteen days in the lead-up to a holiday, it will strengthen your anti-oxidant pool ahead of intense exposure. CULT51 Day Cream can also be used as an after-sun alternative. Day Cream is deeply soothing and hydrating, it will quench excess ROS within 30 minutes.