Molecular Hydration Elixir
Molecular Hydration Elixir
Molecular Hydration Elixir


Molecular Hydration Elixir

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A Deeply hydrating elixir that has anti-ageing, calming and soothing effect brought about by the dream team of our superior hyaluronic acid complex and Panthenol.        

The skin's hyaluronic acid content starts to decrease from as early as twenty years of age and is reduced to half by the age of fifty. The skin appears dehydrated with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Molecular Hydration Elixir is power packed with the highest concentration of superior Hyaluronic Acid Complex available to the industry and paired with Panthenol to create a powerhouse of ingredients to improve rough, parched skin, leaving it feeling more supple and soothed. Panthenol strengthens the barrier function by preventing trans epidermal water loss due to its humectant and water binding properties.

A powerful blend of low, medium and high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid together with biocompatible vitamins and patented Ox2 technology to plump lines and wrinkles whilst delivering ultimate hydration.