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luxury regeneration
luxury regeneration
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Cult 51

Luxury Regeneration Collection

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This collection features our Rose Quartz Facial Massage Tools and lightweight Immediate Effect Serum. The rose quartz facial tools gently massage the face, and aids in improving the absorption of our Immediate Effect Serum. Rose quartz has been used for thousands of years, as it is believed to have calming effects; pair this with Immediate Effect Serum's many clinically proven benefits and you'll be left with a smoother, firmer, more luminous complexion.

Products:Rose Quartz Roller Kit, CULT51 Immediate Effect Serum (30ml)

Supercharge your skincare routine with the CULT51 Luxury Regeneration Collection, combining the Rose Quartz Roller Kit and our best-selling Immediate Effect Serum. 

Working this serum into your skin with the healing benefits of rose quartz eases tension, calms inflammation and aids cell restoration. Glowing skin awaits!

Products: Rose Quartz Roller Kit, CULT51 Immediate Effect Serum (30ml)