How it all began

The Cult51 Story

Cult51 was started by husband and wife team Richard & Michelle Simmons-Mears.

Richard began his career in beauty over 30 years ago, working within manufacturing, formulating skincare for some of the world’s most esteemed brands; creating some of their best known and respected products.

However, he became somewhat dis-illusioned as most brands invest their money in packaging, advertising, and some celebrity endorsements, rather than the actual product itself. As such many of the actives would be reduced. Whilst brands can make the marketing claim on the box, stating that a product contains a specific active, reducing the amount means that the actives do not have any real effect on the skin.

Richard believes that skincare should be about the very best actives, with proven efficacy, and how they interact and benefit your skin at all levels. Ensuring your skin not only looks and feels good but also actually reversing the signs of aging.

In 2013 CULT51 Night Cream was launched.

Two years in development, studying not only how your skin reacts to different actives but also how and which ingredients can assist your skin to do, what it naturally does, but better.

Working not just with the concept of your skin’s own ability to rejuvenate and heal but focussing on the fact that this regeneration diminishes over time; Night Cream is a multi active elixir designed to work with your own skins processes of renewal, applied at night when your skin is primarily in a state of regenerate and repair.

The ‘secret’ is using scientifically advanced ingredients formulated to act synergistically within your skin structure. Once penetrated through the layers to a cellular level they aid your skins natural process to regenerate.

So convinced of how powerful Night Cream is, Richard took the unusual route of investing over £60,000 of his own money to put Night Cream through independent clinical trials; with ‘’never seen before results’’*. Princeton Consumer Research*

What we now know, is that this type of skincare development was ahead of its time.
What we now in 2023 refer to as Biomimetic skincare, CULT has been achieving for over 10 years.

CULT51 has six products in the range, including Day Cream, Immediate Effect Serum, Eye Repair, Neck and Décolletage and Derma Line Concentrate.

CULT51 have five more products in development, including supplements.

CULT51 is a family business with efficacy at its heart.
A husband-and-wife team who will not launch a product without extensive research into ingredients, how they will activate once penetrated into the skin and ultimately how effective the results are at day 1, 7, 21, 28 days and beyond.

We are passionate about all our products and have absolute faith that once you try CULT51 you will become a convert.