Wherever you are this summer, don't forget your skincare!

After lockdown, it's no surprise that many of us want to get away this Summer. The idea of jumping on a plane to somewhere exotic, with white sandy beaches and brilliant blue skies, does sound very enticing...

Whether you're lucky enough to holiday abroad, or opting for a staycation this year, it's still just as important to look after your skin. 

A lot goes into the preparation for our holidays - shopping trips, haircuts, and appointments at the beauticians - but have you put any thought into ensuring your complexion looks as well cared for as the rest of you?



Before your trip away, wherever that may be, it is important to start preparing your skin 2 weeks beforehand. Not only will your skin look its best, but it will also allow your skin to develop its own natural protection - Of course, this does not mean you should avoid sunscreen. Always wear sunscreen, even on the greyest of days.



Cabin air leaves your skin increasingly dry and thirsty for hydration due to the low humidity. 

To combat the negative effects this has on your skin, we suggest you apply a deeply hydrating moisturiser before boarding, to help increase and maintain the natural moisture levels of your skin.


You may not think that sitting on a plane can cause damage to your skin, but due to the cooling aircon, it does.

We know how refreshing it is to have that cool air whilst sitting on a warm plane, but the air that comes out of the aircon is very drying for your skin because there isn't really any water vapour to keep your skin moist. The air also carries dust and dirt particles, which then blow onto your face, and ends up getting trapped in your skin's pores. Therefore, it is important to keep your skin clean, and most importantly, hydrated whilst you fly. 

We recommend you carry some alcohol-free face wipes in your bag so you can easily clean your face during your flight. Not only will this help keep your skin clean, but it will also keep you feeling refreshed. To help keep your skin hydrated remember to drink plenty of water. You can also carry a small pot of your favourite hydrating moisturiser with you and apply it to your skin when needed. If you opt for the Cult51 Day Cream this will also help protect against pollution and environmental stress from the plane's air due to its environmental protection properties. 


When on holiday you may want to simply sit back, relax and enjoy yourself, but this doesn't mean you should forget your skincare routine. In fact, being on holiday is more of a reason to look after your skin.

Skin is very sensitive to environmental factors and a change in your environment, or extra time outside can cause multiple skin issues including hyperpigmentation, dryness, and breakouts.

If you're away somewhere with a warmer climate, then you need to be especially concerned with protecting your skin from the harsh sun rays. We advise that you wear a sunscreen of SPF30 or higher and reapply regularly - we understand that you probably want to tan, but the best way of achieving that bronzed appearance is to do so gradually and safely. You may also want to use our Day Cream prior to applying sunscreen, as it not only primes your skin but also adds further protection to your skin due to its high antioxidant content.

UV exposure is one of the main causes of premature ageing, so it is vital that your stay safe in the sun. Try and avoid the midday sun, wear a wide-brimmed hat, and keep reapplying your sunscreen! Trust us, in the future, you will thank us.

At the end of the day ensure you cleanse your skin gently yet effectively to clear your pores of products, dirt and pollution. You don't want to go to sleep with sunscreen on as it will leave your face feeling oily and prevent your skin from being able to breathe. We recommend a deeply hydrating and nourishing night cream that can repair and replenish your skin while you sleep in preparation for the next day of summertime adventures.

At night when you rest is when your skin repairs itself. Therefore, applying a night cream that can help skin restoration and keep it hydrated is vital to maintain a youthful complexion.



Designed for on the go, our Cult51 Travel Duo comprises of our two hero products in jars of 20ml. Perfect for holiday getaways, this set will keep your skin dewy and radiant no matter where you are. 

For during the day: Apply Cult51 Day Cream before leaving in the morning. Our Day Cream is a luxurious lightweight cream that provides you with all-day protection and a flawless complexion. Not only will it enhance your appearance, but it will also protect your skin from damaging environmental factors, such as pollution and UV rays, due to its high concentration of antioxidants and added SPF15. This day cream also prevents signs of ageing by promoting the production of collagen, increasing blood flow and cell proliferation, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

For the evenings: We recommend Cult51 Night Cream. Filled with active ingredients at their optimum concentration, this cream works with your skin's metabolism to improve the efficiency of 

Oxygen exchange in your cells by 45% - meaning it increases cell turnover, speeds up the repair process and gently improves your overall complexion. 

This revolutionary night cream is deeply hydrating and is clinically proven to hydrate the skin better than hyaluronic acid by independent research facilities. Moreover, it has also been proven to significantly reduce facial lines, even out your skin tone and firm skin. Due to its high content of anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients, the Night Cream is also ideal to apply to sunburn.



As nice as holidays are, they must sadly come to an end. The only thing we can bring back with us is the memories we made and the radiant complexion that comes with rest and relaxation and possibly a bit of sunshine. 

So, to keep up that summer holiday glow, and to prevent your lovely tan from peeling away, you will want to keep your skin hydrated and pumped full of all the nutrients it needs.

The simplest way of doing this is making sure you eat plenty of foods that are rich in beta-carotene, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, kale and pumpkins. Studies have shown that the consumption of beta-carotene can stimulate the production of melanin - the pigment responsible for the tanning process of the skin, so eating foods with high beta-carotene content can help you maintain and deepen your tan. 

You will also want to drink plenty of water as staying hydrated prolongs the life of your skin cells, including your tanned ones. 

And of course, if you want to keep your skin bronzed and radiant you will need to look after it with proper skincare. Keeping your day and night routine will ensure you maintain your healthy glow and helps reverse any damage caused by exposure to unfamiliar climates. This is because they are deeply hydrating, filled with skin-loving active ingredients and help prolong the life of healthy cells while speeding up the renewal of dead cells.