It's no secret that Cult 51 products are clinically proven to help with many skin issues. But did you know that there are a number of skin clinics that are actively using Cult51 products as part of their treatments? 

One such advocate is Holly Mason, of the Skin Investment Clinic in Farnham, Surrey. This education piece has been kindly provided by Holly and focuses on pigmentation issues that occur during the ageing process.  You can find out more about Holly and the Skin Investment Clinic here. 


How do we treat pigmentation issues successfully? 


Understanding how pigmentation is caused in the cell is fundamentally important to understand how to treat it successfully.

Pigmentation is the process of melanogenesis - it happens as the melanocyte cell that are responsible for producing melanin, which is found in the basal layer (which is the bottom layer of the epidermis). The melanocyte can break, and the melanin, therefore, penetrates into the dermis. 

The process starts when an enzyme called tyrosine and an ion copper connect, the end result is an abundance of melanin. Melanin is formed within the melanocytes. This then triggers a process where the melanin is then transferred to keratinocytes through the melanocyte dendrites. The Keratinocytes then transport the pigment inside and rise by renewal to the surface darkening the pigment. It is then the accumulation of the melanin building up in the corneocytes, when it gets to the top of the skin you can see it visibly on the skin.


At The Skin Investment Clinic, we believe that time and dedication are essential when treating pigmentation. Firstly, regardless of the treatments used, all will fail if sunlight is not strictly avoided. I would recommend the following:

  1. All my clients are recommended to use a sunscreen containing physical blockers such as titanium dioxide which should be used 365 days a year.
  2. I recommend all my clients take vitamin A and C supplements.  Vitamin A can help normalise melanin production, preventing new patches from appearing, and can also generate cell health, slowing down the production of the protective pigment which leads to hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is photoprotective, meaning it can help boost the skin's natural SPF. By inhibiting tyrosinase activity, vitamin C stimulates the skin to reduce pigmentation.
  3. Resolution is gradual and may take months and results are based on individual specific skin physiology there is no permanent removal of pigmented marks unless the melanocyte cells are totally killed, we can only control pigment but cannot remove it. But If you do not maintain good skin health it will come back.

Things that can cause premature ageing are - UV Exposure, Pollution, Sleep Disorders, Smoking, Stress, Dietary Habits and more. One of the worst things is blue light rays emitted from mobile phones, laptops and other devices that emit electromagnetic waves.


Arguably, a lot of these causes have been heightened over the last few months due to lock down and the uncertainty that many of us face regarding the wellness of our loved ones and the future financial stability of households and the wider economy. 


All of these factors cause free radical damage to the skin. It is the free radical damage that causes what is known as cellular oxidation - where the cell is attacked and subsequently not functioning properly. When this happens, our skin starts to suffer from pigmentation, dehydration and lines and wrinkles. 


Ageing is fundamentally a natural process, but can we delay and prevent the regressions?


Skin Ageing is the ageing process that happens with the inevitable passing of time. It is influenced by internal and external factors, things that we can get away from and things that we can’t. 


When dealing with pigmentation, we need to identify the triggers: 

Inflammatory response
The sun 


One or sometimes more than one of these triggers can cause pigmentation. 


All of my clients with pigmentation issues love CULT 51 night cream, as it has the following clinically proven benefits to help:

  • Helps prevent hyperpigmentation
  • Dramatically reduces the levels of damaging free radicals
  • Protects against photo-ageing
  • Reduces UV induced cell destruction
  • Helps inhibit the production of melanin
  • Powerful antioxidant


At the Skin Investment Clinic, I combine the at-home recommendations above, with my powerful result-driven treatments. Collagen Stimulation Therapy is an advanced treatment for pigmented skin, and for clients that are serious about results.  I also use a combination of skin peels and the application of vitamin A and C onto the skin, which I push deep into the dermis using Hyperbaric oxygen to do so. 



I recommend Cult 51 to many of my customers, and here is what one of them have to say, as well as their very impressive before and after photos. 


"I am so impressed with Cult 51. I noticed a change in my skin within weeks and have now been using it nightly for 18 months. My skin is unrecognisable: all the little dots, spots and marks have either faded or disappeared completely; the areas of redness and dryness have vanished; and the fine lines are visibly reduced. The result is smoother and with a noticeable glow. I would recommend it unreservedly.”