Oxygen infused skincare products or treatments can help to promote a healthy, radiant complexion and support overall skin vitality.

Within skincare, oxygen is utilised in various forms and applications to deliver benefits such as improved hydration, circulation and rejuvenation.

Oxygen facials and treatments involve the application of pressurised oxygen along with topical skincare products to the skin. These treatments aim to deliver oxygen molecules deep into the skin, helping to revitalise and refresh the complexion. Oxygenation treatments are often used to hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation promoting a radiant glow.

Essential for maintaining hydration and moisture balance, Oxygen-infused skincare products, such as oxygenated moisturisers, serums and masks help to deliver oxygen to the skin's cells, enhancing hydration levels resulting in a plump, supple appearance.

Oxygen supports cellular metabolism, collagen production, tissue regeneration and improves circulation. It is also essential for delivering nutrients and oxygen to cells while removing waste, toxins, neutralising damaging free radicals and protecting from oxidative stress. Playing a vital role in the skin’s wound healing process; adequate oxygenation promotes tissue repair, collagen synthesis and formation of blood vessels.

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Warning: Some individuals may experience sensitivity or adverse reactions to oxygen-infused treatments, particularly if they have sensitive skin or certain medical conditions.

Oxygen is the key ingredient in the Cult51 Oxygen Cellular Mask